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Passage of time to this day

During the period of 200 years, in times of ups and downs of life, people and our environment changed a lot, but what we haven’t changed a lot, but what we haven’t changed is our love for sake. Because we realize that the genuine taste and sweetness, we have preserved to this day does not and will not change forever.

Over 200 year establishment

In 1789, Tajibei Seto started a sake business by using a brand name “Maruhei Masamune”. He acquired corporate status for his company. Then he began to release sake “Azumacho” named by Takashi Hara, the then Prime minister of Japan. Since then, the tradition has been handed down to us for over 200 years. We have remained true to the founder’s sprit and tradition in order to make excellent sake.

Sake, named by Takashi Hara and loved by G. MacArthur

Takashi Hara, the 19th Prime Minister of Japan Azumacho, named by him

After the resignation of Masatake Terauchi’s cabinet under the influence of rice riots, Takashi Hara of the constitutional political friendship society formed his cabinet for the government as the prime minister in 1918. Japan signed the Treaty of Versailles and joined the League of Nations. In cooperation with the United States, Japan participated in the Washington Conference to discuss then the issues of Pacific of Asia and pushed diplomacy forward eagerly. Also, the then president head, Seto Shuzo Brewery, a political friendship society member had interchange with Takashi Hara. Our president head had continued making sake with a brand name of Maruhei Masamune since the establishment of a business, but he was considering a new brand name as the result of a corporate status of his company.

Our president head was invited by the Prime Minister on the occasion when navy large-scale maneuvers were carried out in Nagasaki. He asked the Prime Minister to give a new name to sake. Then, he named it Azumacho, saying “The sake makes me feel and happy. It’s worthy of praise as king of Sake for its smooth and plump taste. ”. Azumacho has come down to us since then. We continue to make excellent sake worthy of inherited brand name of Azumacho.

Douglas MacArthur GHQ Supreme Commander

Sake of Peace, loved by the Commander

In 1945, a party hosted by the GHQ was held in Japan of the confusion period after the war and the 12th Kakiemon Sakaida, a ceramist of Arita, Saga, was invited there, too. But in those days, Tokyo was far away from his town and he didn’t know much about Tokyo. On the way to Tokyo, he dropped in on Heihachi Seto as a close friend and spent the night drinking with Heihachi, "saying this might become the last sake". Next morning, he was given sake, Azumacho, for a long train journey, but he couldn’t drink it up. Then he had no choice but to attend the GHQ party with Azumacho in his hand. It caught MacArthur’s eye and he was captivated by the sake, Azumacho, which later become a designated product of GHQ. After the war, Azumacho became a symbol of peace for Japan and the United States of America. The sake attracted and loved by MacArthur continues being still loved by many people now.

Chronology of Sake Gura

When we look back on what we have done so far, One thing we can be sure of is our sake has been loved by so many people for so many generations. This is our pride.

Edo period

Tajibei Seto established a business by a brand called Maruhei Masamune

Meiji Period

Seto Shuzo won a first-class gold plaque

Famous sake given to the Emperor Meiji who visited the Army large-scale maneuver in the Higo district

Taisho Period

Seto Shuzo won the gold plaque for master craftman at the Tokyo Taisho Exposition

*Sake was dedicatedto
his Imperial Highness Prince Nashimoto
*Seto Shuzo Brewery Co.,Ltd.
*Azumacho was released

The 19th Prime Minister, Takashi Hara

Seto Shuzo won an honor prize gold plaque at Tokyo Memorial Peace Exhibition

Honored to be given the Imperial will by a senior envoy, Kaieda chamberlain different trainer

Showa Period

Sake was dedicated to the Emperor’s coronation

Awarded an honor prize gold plaque by the National New Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair

Started to deliver “sake of peace” to the GHQ (MacArthur) Douglas MacArthur,
GHQ Commander-in-Chief

Douglas MacArthur GHQ Supreme Commander

Heisei Period

completion of Heisei storehouse for bottling and its products

Establishment of new brewing storehouse
completion of new second storehouse

Awarded a gold medal by the National Research Institute Brewing

Started a special agent system

World History

French Revolution

Commander Matthew Perry called
at Uraga Meiji Period

Bosin Civil War Edo castle was surrendered.

Sino-Japanese War

Russo-Japanese War

World WarⅠ

The seventh Summer Olympic Games Antwerp
was held in Belgium

Guccio Gucci established “Gucci”
The 42th U.S. Tennis Open was held

Walt Disney Company was founded

The 8th Summer Olympic Games was held in Paris, France

Tokyo broadcasting station started radio broadcasting

Meiji released “Meiji milk chocolate”

Schrodinger established a wave equation as a quantum-mechanical basics equation

Charles Lindbergh succeeded in making a non-stop, solo fight across the Atlantic Ocean

Alexander Fleming invented penicillin

Roosevelt of the Democratic Party was elected in U.S Presidential election

February 26th Incident

The Pacific War began

World WarⅡcame to an end

Tokyo Olympic Games was held

U.S. ApolloⅡspacecraft put the first man on the moon

U.S. President Richard Nixon announced Space Shuttle Program

Sony released home video recorder first unit SL-6300, Betamax

Tiananmen Square Incident in China

J League started

World’s first clonal sheep ”Dolly” was born in Scotland

9/11 Synchronized terrorist attacks in America

Memorial Photo Display Hall of Azumacho

Company north-side

Tub washing

Rice washing

Company back-side



The 3rd storehouse


Azumacho’s tracks